FRID Scholarships

FRID awards scholarships each year for qualified members to take the NIC written and performance exams, and the EIPA performance .  Scholarships are awarded once each year in October. 

Applications are accepted anytime during the year and should be scanned and emailed to ATTN: FRID Scholarship Committee

Click on the links below for more information.


Shannon Simon EIPA Performance Scholarship

Click here to  APPLY NOW!!!

Application deadline:  September 20, 2015


Shirley T Herald RID Scholarship - Congratulations 2015 winner - Holli Tempe

Click here to APPLY NOW!!!

Application deadline:  September 20,2015


Betty Edwards Scholarship

Application deadline:  September 20, 2015

The annual $150.00 Betty Edwards Scholarship is awarded for an interpreter mentorship, or an interpreter diagnostic assessment, to an applicant that satisfies the below criteria:  

1.  Is currently enrolled in a Florida Sign Language Interpreter Training Program

2.  Does not hold RID national certification. 

3.  Provide three (3) letters of recommendation speaking to the applicant's desire to pursue a career as a sign language interpreter. One letter from a certified interpreter, one letter from an instructor from the applicant's interpreter program, and one letter from a member of the Deaf community. 

4. Provide a description of how the scholarship will be used. 

5. Indicate in what way you will support FRID in the year following receipt of award. 

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